Sharpening Prices

Knife and scissor sharpening prices. Here it is.  It can not be any simpler to remember.  All plain knives are $6.00, all serrated knives are $7.00, and scissors are $8.00 each, regardless of length or size. I sharpen a wide variety of other kitchen and non-kitchen items (even pizza cutters!), and even some small (not electric) lawn tools, etc.  Please contact me for sharpening prices on these other tools.   Rare and collectible knife sharpening/repair costs are based on how much time it takes me to accomplish.  I will respond to any email questions regarding the cost for any other sharpening needs.  If knives have obvious damage, as explained above in the “Expert damage repair” section, please add $4.00 to each item to cover my cost to renew the blade edge or point.  Washington residents add 8.7% sales tax. I do not sharpen electric-driven cutting devises (except meat slicer blades) or lawn mower blades.

*Prices subject to change, call us for current rates