Knife Selection Philosophy

Knife selection philosophy.  By far, the most important criteria, period! is that a knife must feel good in your hand when you use it.  It must have a handle that is comfortable and not too big or too small for your hand.  It must feel properly balanced and not too heavy or awkward.  If a knife does not feel good in your hand, you will tend not to use it, and it will remain in the “bottom of your knife drawer”!

The second most important criteria is that “price follows quality”.  The tired cliché “you get what you pay for” is mostly true in this instance.  Quality steel means harder, more durable steel which stays sharp longer.  I strongly suggest using these two criteria if you are considering purchasing knives.

This is why I take the same care with sharpening each and every knife.  It doesn’t matter if it costs $3 or $300, these are the knives that are the most important to each customer.  Inexpensive knives may need sharpening more often, but proper care and use also play an important part in how long they stay sharp.