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Steve Schmauch, Owner of Sharp Stuff

Steve Schmauch, Sharp Stuff Owner

Last Updated June 2018

Thanks so much for visiting our small corner of the Internet. We here at Sharp Stuff are committed to our finely honed craft of residential and commercial knife sharpening. Give us your worn out, your dull and unused, your old favorite blades from that long ago wedding gift – each is a treasure waiting to be rediscovered through our custom, hand-built and operated knife sharpening tools.

My name is Steve Schmauch, and not only am I the best knife sharpener in Spokane, Washington – I sincerely haven’t met another business or professional anywhere that can achieve my results without taking excessive metal off your knives (and thus shortening their lifespan).

If you’re a commercial entity, I make it easy for you – I’ll come by and introduce myself to your kitchen staff and get their blades sharpened on-site, no need for lost man-hours due to sending knives away. I regularly service many restaurants, colleges, and retirement centers in the greater Spokane area and am always happy to provide referrals.

If you’re an individual who has some dull knives in the kitchen, feel free to drop them by my sharpening studio. Got serrated blades? No problem! I’m one of the few craftsmen that can sharpen serrated blades correctly and beautifully.

Out of town client? No problem! Wrap those knives in an old towel, throw them in a box (include return shipping postage) and mail them to 1830 E. Pinecrest Rd., Spokane, WA 99203.

I am as committed to outstanding personal service as I am to reviving dull knives to their former glory. I love meeting new people, and consider a new client a new friend as well. I know you’re hiding some dull knives in your kitchen, make your food prep life easier and give me a call today (509) 220-4346 or email steve.schmauch@yahoo.com

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