Business and Personal Information

My name is Steve Schmauch and I own a sharpening service called Sharp Stuff in Spokane, Washington.  Since 1999 I have earned the reputation as the region’s premier knife sharpener.  I have sharpened almost 80,000 plain and serrated knives, as well as scissors and various other tools requiring precision sharpening.  My business includes both residential (local and outside area mail service customers) and commercial accounts.  Experience has shown that most household kitchen items need sharpening once a year; most commercial accounts are sharpened monthly to bimonthly, and hold up well with few or no touch-ups in between those times!

Work ethic. This is my full time business, and I do all the sharpening and repairs myself.  My work is unconditionally guaranteed.  I make sure each and every knife I sharpen is done to perfection and is as sharp as the type of metal will physically allow it to be.  All sharpened items have to pass my quality control checks first.  Since 1999, I have not had even one item returned because it needed re-sharpening. Repeat business is very important to me.  I have found that rapid service, and unequaled excellence in restoring knives and scissors to better-than-new condition have been more important to customers than price.  While I am not the cheapest, customers find my work to be simply the best obtainable anywhere.